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How do I build a model Jet?

Posted By on June 18, 2011

ok..... I have been thinking about making a model jet engine and I have a rough sketch in my head, but the only problem is, I dont have a lathe or a drill press or any of those fancy machines so how do I make the fans? Its simple enough making the casing and combustion chumber I am just wondering how to make the fans without using a car turbo charger as they look as ugly as hell and are inefficent. Or could someone direct me towards a good free plans site for jets?

No pulsejets or ram jets please


3 Responses to “How do I build a model Jet?”

  1. LJ14 cool says:

    you’ll need lots of time and careful hand

  2. Rocky rock says:

    Thurmacole,tin can,lite wood etc

  3. mike1942f says:

    You make those parts by getting the fancy equipment or by spending years learning to hand file and balance those parts, if you want the thing to actually run. In operation a turbo jet spins at tens of thousands of rpm, so the bearings have to very high speed, the shafts absolutely straight, and the fans concentric and balanced to a fraction of a percent.
    If you want an operational engine you would be better off buying a kit. And safer.

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