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How do I build a model Jet engine?

Posted By on July 27, 2011

ok..... I have been thinking about making a model jet engine and I have a rough sketch in my head, but the only problem is, I dont have a lathe or a drill press or any of those fancy machines so how do I make the fans? Its simple enough making the casing and combustion chumber I am just wondering how to make the fans without using a car turbo charger as they look as ugly as hell and are inefficent. Or could someone direct me towards a good free plans site for jets?


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  1. bigfishvideos says:

    @Nogorn Did you do it?
    I had the same idea… and now I have a lathe…

  2. regorekrub says:

    WTF… I can’t watch anymore… Dude’s gonna get killed.!!

  3. Buzzsawman says:

    he is not using the tools wrong….he is using the tools the way he was taught…it not wrong just different than the way you would use them. For example I was taught to make a bead and cove with a parting tool..others were taught to accomplish this task with a gouge…as long ad the task is accomplished the tool used to accomplish it is really not of any consequence.

  4. qhack says:

    The safety nazi’s are out in force.

  5. kaisaerpren says:

    he’s using the tools wrong , how come “Expert Village” doesn’t have any Experts demonstrating thier stuff?, metal, wood or bees, I don’t know about thier fiber art or pottery.
    28 years a cabinetmaker

  6. unapro3 says:

    @snookumsthacat I am the same, I take a dump before checking there is toilet paper in the cubicle, nothing beats living on the edge.

  7. soup1223 says:

    i use this in woodwork at school im making a coffee table

  8. canyoubelieveit888 says:

    This guy is a bad example. He’s using his skew as a scraper. He should take some lessons himself before posting any more.

  9. gus1966 says:

    Ohh I take that last coment back I watched another clip and guess what no glasses! Good turning but stick the glasses on.

  10. gus1966 says:

    mmmm… I didn’t watch the whole clip again but it seems that when the lathes running you don’t see a head shot….. could he be putting them on we don’t see it?????
    I never turn now without a full face shield. I learned the hard way.

  11. bingcro says:

    he his wood scraping not wood turning anyway.dont think he could get big enough flying chips with those tools.tks for posting

  12. magicmark1292 says:

    You know how to tell if you got a good stone mason?

    If he’s missing an eye.

  13. Nogorn says:

    i need a metal or wood lathe to make sum fire pistons to sell for big money

  14. dundermiflinpaper says:


  15. gspotr69 says:

    You guys should have seen the safety video they made us watch in school. Machinist never wore safety glasses, been sharpening drill bits for 40 years.. 2 weeks before he’s ready to retire the grinding wheel stone explodes while he’s sharpening a drill bit… now the guy gets to enjoy his retirement as a blind man.
    Really makes you think about how quickly something bad can happen.. and a lifetime to remember it.

  16. snookumsthacat says:

    I never use safety glasses when using any power tool. I love the feeling of knowing i could instantly die from a flying splinter of wood at any given moment.

  17. tubetygrys says:

    And if doesn’t start wearing them he won’t see anything either. Safety contacts don’t count. As a shop instructor I cringe every time I see someone using a power tool with such blatant disregard for their own well being. People watching this video are trying to learn from an experienced woodworker and will learn everything they see.

  18. frits2345 says:

    You think he doesn’t wear safetyglasses.
    He’s using them but, you can’t see them!!

  19. tubetygrys says:

    Send me your address and I’ll send you some safety glasses.

  20. gypsy38354 says:

    Try FSOS (dawt) tk

    a small online RPG game. Fun and amusing! Send this to everyone!

  21. publinteligente says:

    People who see this… for security reasons, dont use watchs in this works !!! Salutes.

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